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Braces: Understanding Your Options – Guest Post by Bupa UK


A shocking 42% of Brits wish they could change the appearance of their smile. Instead of letting your smile affect your confidence, why not investigate your options – you could be surprised. As dental technology evolves, the way different treatments are carried out is becoming more sophisticated. This includes teeth straightening. Unsightly methods of straightening… Read More


How Oral Health and General Health Are Closely Related [Infographic]

We have a guest infographic today on a topic we’ve mentioned several times in previous articles – how closely your oral health is interlinked with your general health. This infographic from Dervla Leavy Dental Care aims to increase awareness on the causes and effects of poor oral health and provides guidelines as to how to decrease the burden… Read More

Health in the UK NHS vs Private Dental

NHS versus Private Dental Care – What Should You Go For?

Knowing how the dental system in England works is as important as knowing how to brush. When you have the right information at your disposal regarding dental costs, where you can get the best care and what options are available we believe you are more likely to regularly visit a dentist and take care of… Read More

Dental Health & Habits toothpicks

Top 10 Toothpick Uses That Will Make Your Life Easier

From keeping pots from boiling and fixing a leaky garden hose, to cooking potatoes faster, a toothpick can be used in so many different ways you wouldn’t even think of. My grandmother sticks a toothpick into cakes during baking and if it comes out clean the cake is done. While others build toothpick structures such as this one and the one that… Read More

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Toothpick Dentist Awards Are Out!

This week we’re handing out Toothpick Awards to the individual practitioners and dental practices that have wowed our users in the past year. Reviews are at the heart of what we do, and a key element of moving healthcare bookings online. It’s what provides the key benefit over bookings over the phone or through other… Read More

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AppointMentor and Toothpick Join Forces

The UK’S largest dentist finder website, is pleased to announce a partnership with the UK’s leading online bookings system AppointMentor, a service of Welltime Ltd. This joint approach will enable dental practices using iSmile Dental Software to automatically publish the free appointment times they wish to promote to new patients on Toothpick as well as enabling… Read More

Dental Health & Habits Are dentists greedy?
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Are Dentists greedy? Response to Daily Mail article 17th June

Yesterday, consumer watchdog Which released the findings from a new study, indicating the failings of the current NHS dental system. Although it points out the responsibilities of dentists to keep their online and offline information about prices and availability up to date, it also highlights the systemic failings of the NHS dental contract. Dentists are… Read More

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Mouthwash – all you need to know.

With the battle to get your cash, the large pharmaceutical companies spend millions of pounds marketing their products aimed at keeping your breath fresh and free of decay and gum disease. Here we find out more about the benefits for rinsing and spitting mouthwash as part of your oral hygiene routine. So do you need… Read More