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8 Dating Deal Breakers To Navigate On A First Date

Nothing like some good old self-analysis before you get into the game, folks. We’ve dug out some key research about the top dating deal breakers you should be aware of if you’re aiming for a second date. Some are easy to rectify, others may require some work in the long term if you want to have a successful relationship. Either way, these are common sense advice for anyone seeking to attract the opposite sex. 

1. Bad Teeth

In an online survey of more than 5,400 singles, teeth topped the list of important factors in a member of the opposite sex.  Both men and women judge a person’s teeth more than any other feature, with 58 percent of men and 71 percent of women responding to this feature. The reasoning behind this may hark all the way back to our evolutionary instincts. Teeth are a physical indicator of a person’s health. Better teeth often indicate a better reproductive match and appeal to us on a primal level. Straight, white teeth are most attractive, but extreme whitening doesn’t increase attractiveness when it exceeds the range of natural whiteness.

How you care for your mouth is also a big indicator of how you take care of things in general –  modern, capable and independent men and women want to know their prospective partner is someone who takes care of business. Regular brushing, flossing, and whitening shows that you care of your appearance and health, avoiding serious illnesses as a result of tooth decay.

2. Bad Breath 

It may seem trivial but your breath is surprisingly important. One study showed that 87 per cent of women would not go on a second date if the man had bad breath. It could indicate that you didn’t care enough about the date to make sure you smelled your best. Even when the relationship is casual in the beginning stages, your date has to be able to picture being with you in the long term in order to agree to a second date. Nobody wants to smooch a nasty smelling mouth.

Luckily, some mouthwash and mints can help in the short term. If this is a long term problem for you, read more about bad breath here.

3. Poor Grammar

Surprisingly, grammar held the number two spot for things that women and men judge most in the opposite sex, with 55 percent of men and 69 percent of women ranking this highly. Opting in for an extra English course or swapping your daily newspaper for some more advanced literature may make a big difference, but is clearly a project for the longer term.

4. High Levels of Debt

A whopping 65 percent of singles surveyed indicated that they would rule out a potential date if the person had more than $5,000 in debt. If you’re drowning in debt, chances are good that the big red negative is glowing like a stop sign to the opposite sex. No one wants to marry into a pile of debt or risk sharing their own hard-earned cash with a careless spender. Take stock of your financial situation and show that you’re a responsible person who is not afraid to take charge of a problem.

5. Living with Parents

Still living at home with your parents? Nearly half of singles will cross you off their list of eligible daters for this. This phenomenon has become so common that today’s young adults are earning the moniker, the “Boomerang Generation.” Approximately 3.2 million Britons between 20 and 34 still live at home. Rising housing costs and unemployment are leading causes of the trend. Though you’re certainly not alone if you have to tiptoe past your parents to get upstairs with your date, you’ll certainly have a better chance with your date if you have a place of your own.

6. Talking About Your Ex 

Generally speaking, relationships are designed for two people. There isn’t room for a third. If you’re bringing up about your ex-partner, your date will undoubtedly think they still mean something to you. When you get over it, you stop talking about it. Let your new prospective partner know they’re are your prime focus by leaving the past where it belongs — back there.

7. Bad Behaviour or Bad Manners 

Like oral hygiene, manners and behaviour tell a lot about a person. Are you loud and obnoxious at the dinner table? Do you embarrass your date by being rude to the waiter? Complain that the bill is too high? You may think these are little things that everyone does, but for a first or second date things are different. Your date may be evaluating your behaviour more closely than people around you normally do, because they’re considering if they want to see you again. Be polite, positive, open and respectful, and show your best side.

8. Lack of Eye Contact or No Chemistry 

Sometimes the ”it” factor just isn’t there. Looking your date in the eye, keeping your smartphone securely tucked away in your pocket, and paying attention to the conversation tell them you’re interested. Pretending to be super busy doesn’t tell them you’re important and in demand, it just sends the signal you’re a self-absorbed, inconsiderate person.

In summary – compare your habits against these major singles sins and see if there are any areas you can change to increase your chances of scoring a successful date.

Take care of yourself, especially your dental health, and mind your manners. Show your date they’re worth your time and attention, and you’ll soon be rewarded with that coveted second date. As the saying goes, you only have a single chance at that first impression, so make sure it’s the right one.