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Top 10 Toothpick Uses That Will Make Your Life Easier

From keeping pots from boiling and fixing a leaky garden hose, to cooking potatoes faster, a toothpick can be used in so many different ways you wouldn’t even think of. My grandmother sticks a toothpick into cakes during baking and if it comes out clean the cake is done. While others build toothpick structures such as this one and the one that… Read More

Fun & Games Cloning from tooth

Could you clone a human from a tooth? Say John Lennon?

Last week, we blogged about Canadian dentist, Dr Michael Zuk, an avid collector of celebrity teeth, who sent one of Elvis Presley’s dental crowns on a tour of UK dental clinics in a bid to raise awareness of oral cancer. Part of DR Zuk’s tooth collection included the wisdom tooth of Beatle musician John Lennon…. Read More

Fun & Games 7 Crazy Kissing World Records

7 Crazy Kissing World Records

Who doesn’t like kissing? Most people enjoy a good kiss (assuming your partner has fresh breath), but some people have gone above and beyond with their kissing — either for the joy of holding a world record or to raise money for great charitable causes. Here are a few of the strangest kissing world records… Read More

Fun & Games 8 Reason A First Date Stops At That

8 Dating Deal Breakers To Navigate On A First Date

Nothing like some good old self-analysis before you get into the game, folks. We’ve dug out some key research about the top dating deal breakers you should be aware of if you’re aiming for a second date. Some are easy to rectify, others may require some work in the long term if you want to… Read More

Fun & Games Kissing Trivia Toothpick

Some Worldwide Kissing Trivia To Impress Your Valentine’s

A big part of being romantic, or a loving person in general, is the ability and willingness to express affection. Kisses are the international symbol of recognition, affection, reverence, comfort, and friendship. It’s also, most likely, the desired result for your Valentine’s date this Friday. So how do you get the kiss at the end… Read More

Fun & Games What's Behind These Actors' Smiles?

What’s Behind These Actors’ Smiles?

The red carpet runways are filled with glamorous dresses, elaborate tuxedos, jewels, and of course, blindingly white smiles. If you ever see older pictures of some of your favourite celebs, you will realize that some of their smiles have come a long way from years back. In fact, most celebrities have some form of dental… Read More

Fun & Games The Psychology of The Human Smile - 4 Surprising Facts - Toothpick

4 Surprising Facts About The Human Smile

You can do so much with your smile. You can use it to show your emotions, cheer up a friend, or even hide how you’re feeling. And there’s a science to how it all works. Do you want to learn how your smile works in connectivity with your brain? Continue reading to discover four surprising… Read More

Fun & Games Do people with good teeth have more sex? Toothpick - the Mouthful Blog

Do People With Good Teeth Have More Sex?

There are lots of purported benefits of having healthy teeth, but one of the most intriguing is the suggestion that people with good teeth have more sex. Is there any truth to it? Check out these studies and see what you think. Straight Teeth Make a Stellar Impression If you’re looking for a first date… Read More

Fun & Games Teeth found in Scottish pub – the ultimate in dental neglect - Toothpick

Teeth found in Scottish pub – the ultimate in dental neglect

Some people forget their dentist appointment, but imagine forgetting your actual teeth! That’s exactly what one Scottish pub-goer did, according to reports from a Leith drinking establishment. The Port O’Leith pub in Constitution Street has announced a clear out of the items people have left behind in the drinking establishment over the course of the… Read More

Fun & Games Polar bear cub, Ursus maritimus, 3 months old, standing against white background

Brave Dentists Help Polar Bear Cub Get Emergency Dental Care

Can’t bear the thought of the dentist? You’re not alone … A polar bear cub has been forced to make an emergency trip to the dentist after struggling with broken and infected teeth, reports Mail Online. Many people worry unnecessarily about dental treatment, but with two baby teeth and one adult tooth that had to be… Read More