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NHS versus Private Dental Care – What Should You Go For?

Knowing how the dental system in England works is as important as knowing how to brush. When you have the right information at your disposal regarding dental costs, where you can get the best care and what options are available we believe you are more likely to regularly visit a dentist and take care of… Read More

Health in the UK NHS Dentistry Looks Grim
Sandeep Senghera

NHS Dentistry Looks Grim Up North [Debate Piece]

The background Over half of the NHS dental practices in the North of England, chosen to take part in a new contract aimed at increasing access to NHS dental services and focusing on disease prevention, are currently not accepting new patients. Despite over 3 years of testing by the Department of Health, it is unable… Read More

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Healthy Access – Our Open Data Project, Goes Live!

Today we launch Healthy Access, our collaboration with Digital Catapult,, Mastodon C, Noetika and many more. Together we have created a score for access to health in over 300 locations in England.  Why Healthy Access? Healthy Access provides a gauge on the relative ease of living a healthy life in different parts of England…. Read More

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Sandeep Senghera

5 Myths About Dentists Uncovered

Several myths about dentists are persistent in the minds of the British public. A lot of question marks remain around NHS dental pricing, the differences between NHS and private dentistry, and whether, or how, you can move around once you have seen a dentist in your area. In this article we try to dispel some… Read More

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NHS e-Referral Service Replaces ‘Choose And Book’

Earlier this week, a report from the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee revealed that the NHS was set to replace an electronic booking system for outpatient appointments, Choose and Book. Choose and Book was a huge leap forwards in creating a centralised appointment service and up to 40,000 patient referrals are made through the… Read More