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5 Common Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures – Why, How Much and For Who? [Infographic]

February at Toothpick has been all about the appearance of your teeth, and some basic dental hygiene, such as remedies for bad breath. We’ve explored the basics of cosmetic dentistry, and looked at the impact a bright and shiny smile can have on your life – especially in the area of sex and dating.

We now turn to the most common cosmetic dentistry procedures. This infographic will give you an overview of what the purpose of each treatment is, how long it can take, and an estimate of costs.

Key points:

  • Look out for which dental professionals can perform which treatments, bearing in mind that you can now go straight to the dental hygienist for a teeth cleaning, following new legislation
  • Note that teeth whitening can now only be performed by dentists following new legislation, rendering treatments in salons illegal
  • NHS coverage is reserved for treatments that stabilise oral health, therefore cosmetic dentistry procedures qualify only in very rare circumstances
  • The featured procedures represent our selection of most commonly used in cosmetic dentistry, although other treatment options are available
  • All costs and timings are estimates, based on data collected by – your dentist will advice what you need, and can expect, from your particular treatment plan.

Importantly, cosmetic dentistry procedures are not all about vanity. An attractive and clean smile can have a fundamental impact on confidence, which in turn often contributes to improved outcomes in areas as varied as career and relationships. Poor oral health has also been linked to heart disease. Our Dental Health pages will give you more information on teeth whitening, basic dental hygiene, and teeth straightening, with a special feature of popular teeth straightening treatment Invisalign.

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Toothpick: 5 Common Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures – Why, How Much and For Who? [Infographic]