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Do People With Good Teeth Have More Sex?

There are lots of purported benefits of having healthy teeth, but one of the most intriguing is the suggestion that people with good teeth have more sex. Is there any truth to it? Check out these studies and see what you think.

Straight Teeth Make a Stellar Impression

If you’re looking for a first date with someone new, having good teeth can help you leap those initial hurdles faster. According to the Smile Survey by Kelton Research, almost a third of Americans identify the smile as the feature they notice first. Nearly a quarter reported that the smile is the feature that lingers longest in their memory as well.

A study from the UK revealed that white smiles and evenly spaced teeth are important for Brits as well. The British Dental Health Foundation revealed that 56 percent of survey respondents rated the smile highly as an indicator of attractiveness. Those pearly whites ranked higher than the face (53 percent), eyes (51 percent), and height (25 percent).

Your Smile May Indicate Health

Researchers from Leeds and Central Lancashire speculated that the importance of good teeth is associated with perceived health and genetic superiority which make for a better mate. The Smile Survey echoed this conclusion, revealing that people are 47 percent more likely to think someone with straight teeth has good overall health, and 38 percent more likely to perceive the straight-toothed individual as being smart.

Better Smiles = More Dates

The Smile Survey revealed that people with better smiles often have an easier time getting dates. Based on a picture alone, people with straight teeth are 57 percent more likely to get a date than those with crooked teeth. Your teeth can hurt your chances of getting a second date as well. More than a third of survey respondents would opt out of a second date because of crooked teeth, while only 23 percent would decline a second date with someone still living with their parents.

The Link Between Dental Hygiene and Sexual Performance

Interestingly, there may be a link between dental hygiene and erectile dysfunction. An Israeli study revealed that 15 percent of men with moderate to severe cases of erectile dysfunction also had chronic gum disease. Meanwhile, chronic gum disease was present in only 2 percent of men without erectile dysfunction. The link isn’t coincidental. Oral bacteria can travel through the bloodstream and reduce blood flow throughout the body, even impacting the essential blood flow necessary for an erection.

Making the Most of Your Smile

Though there are many factors that come into play on the journey from the first smile to that romp between the sheets, all evidence points to a distinct link between good teeth and a better chance of enjoying an active sex life. Unfortunately, only 25 percent of Brits actually clean their teeth properly according to a study by Oral-B. The British Dental Health Foundation estimates that nearly half of the country’s population is unhappy with their smile.

With some time and effort, you can get where you want with your smile. If these studies are right, you may just get some unexpected benefits with your fresh clean teeth as well. What attracts you to a potential mate? Share your favourite features in the comments below.