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Healthy Access – Our Open Data Project, Goes Live!

Today we launch Healthy Access, our collaboration with Digital Catapult,, Mastodon C, Noetika and many more. Together we have created a score for access to health in over 300 locations in England. 

Why Healthy Access?

Healthy Access provides a gauge on the relative ease of living a healthy life in different parts of England.

In phase 1, Healthy Access looks at access to dentists, access to GPs, quality of hospitals, walking and cycling, and access to green space. We set out to create a platform for visualising available open data on these topics, and overlay it with the vast reserve of data being collected by data-led digital SMEs. You will see our realtime availability data on the Dentist Score pages, and the Trending Topics data from on the GP pages. Our Hospital partner, will provide average waiting times and additional metrics shortly.

While building Toothpick, we have come across some serious problems with access to health in the UK – most prominently in NHS dental care. It has strengthened our resolve to show how private companies and data can help provide clarity, insight and ultimately solutions to big health issues.

Healthy Access does just this, visualising access to health and providing a platform for debate.

Get Involved

Healthy Access also provides a great opportunity for data-led organisations to partner with us and bring their expertise to the table. Our goal was always to get the application out there, and then build on it over time in collaboration with other stakeholders to paint a better picture around each score. 

We have created a widget that anyone can embed on their website, to show an overall or specific score for their region. If you run a local cycling website, manage content for a local authority, or just want to comment and share your local score as an individual – the embed code is available straight from the Healthy Access website. You can also contact us on and we’ll help you set it up.

Working with Digital Catapult has allowed us to create an beautiful open data application, leveraging the work of talented data scientists. If you’re interested in hearing more about working with the Catapult, send an email to