Know how NHS Dental Pricing 2015

NHS Dental Charges 2015 Explained – Did You Know This? [Infographic]

NHS dental charges in England are transparent and generous – but very few people know this. We’ve created this infographic to illustrate the dental treatments you can get on the NHS, and how the three pricing bands work.

Note: This post has been updated with new prices for NHS dental charges that came into force in April 2015.

Here are the key points:

  • A treatment will now cost you £18.80, £51.30 or £222.50 (Band 1, 2 or 3), depending on how complex it is
  • If you have one or all treatments within that band, the same one off charge applies
  • If you come back for more treatments within that band, within a two month window, they are still included in the cost you’ve paid
  • Interestingly, if you need for example a crown or a root canal (Bands 2 or 3), you get treatments from the bands below included at no additional cost - for example a scale and polish or a fluoride varnish (subject to advice from your dentist)
  • You may be eligible for free NHS treatment if you fulfil certain criteria, e.g. pregnancy, under 18 or on income support. See infographic for full details.

Did you also know?

You can see any NHS dentist in the country – unlike with GPs, it’s not restricted to where you live. We’re currently listing around 90,000 available NHS appointments on Toothpick.

Please note:

  • Cosmetic treatment is NOT included in NHS dentistry, which is targeted at stabilising oral health
  • Your dentist will help guide you through this complexity of mixing NHS and Private treatments, which may be needed for some conditions



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  • christine bunn

    Can I have a denture and a crown fitted when paying banned 3 because my dentist said that I can’t

    • Gazza Morgan

      If its within a 2 month period bieng there both in band 3 the answer is yes you can you just pay band 3 price the once hope this helps

  • Dave Lyall

    Christine, I don’t know where you are, but if your in Edinburgh, visit they are in Leith and deal with Same day crowns and denture stabilisation

  • Bridgett Vincent

    I had 2 teeth out on 17th July, I had my dentures put straight in. Now 1 of the teeth is to small. I returned to the dentist and he says I have to pay the full band 3 payment again for new ones! His reasoning was because I had them out straight in after extraction. Is this correct?

    • Sripal Kumar

      Yep this is. It takes 3 months for the bone and gums to heal after extraction of teeth. It is common to have a poorly fitting denture after this period of time. Having the denture replaced can often be one of the most predictable ways of ensuring a much better fit. It of course comes at an extra cost as the dentist has to do all the work again. I hope this helps Bridgett.

  • John Woodcock

    I went to my dentist for a filling 1 day after the filling fell out I was charged band 2, i went back she refilled it it fell out again went back a third time and she filled it again again it fell out. She left the practice and i was seen by a temporary dentist she put a temporary one in that lasted a while,but eventually that fell out I have now gone back and the new dentist is doing a crown band 3 my question is should I get the cost of the origial treatment back

    • LadyWriter 1968

      IMO I think you should yes but legally I doubt you would. I just think its an excuse for them to get more money from you. They will just say band 3 is covered by the other bands.

  • Penny

    Hi I haven’t been to a dentist in years … I don’t work but my partner does I also don’t claim any benifits …. So am I Untitled to this new band treatment

    • Lee

      I’m guessing you’d just have to pay as if you were working.
      But if you needed urgent treatment you’d be lucky to get in at your local NHS dentist as you wont be registered with having not been for years.

    • LadyWriter 1968

      You can get nhs treatment on the bands but you will have to pay for it. I am in the same situation, because I cant work due to health now but my husband works, I cant claim anything either so it means I have to pay for everything. When you claim a benefit they cover you for dental treatment..but if you cant claim anything then the only payment to the dentist will come from you. But you will have to find a NHS dentist as well, as a lot of them are private now.

  • Ken

    Hi All looking for some advice, been to the densit today and have a infection in my tooth, which I have been given antibotics and have to go back to have it taken out. I have paid band 1 charge today and will have to pay band 2 next time, my question is should I only pay band 2 charge as band 1 treatment is include in the band 2 charge?

    • Lee

      when i needed a band 2 treatment after paying for band 1 I only had to pay the difference between the 2. I.e. £53.30 – £18.80 = £32.50 so yes you would only be paying for a band 2.

      • Ken

        Hi Lee

        Had my Band 2 treatment and had to pay full price £53.30, when I question it, there said the £18.80 was a urgent / emergency appointment.

        Funny I had to wait over a week to get in grrr

  • LadyWriter 1968

    My husband recently spent over £200 for onlay or inlay, few weeks later it came out and broke, as for year guarantee with nhs he went back and they said sure no charge to be re done, but then she found slight gum disease and has now told him he needs further treatment which is a secondary treatment for a different thing so will have to pay for that now. He recently paid out a fortune as it is. I feel the nhs dental charges are expensive and at times they are using this to get more money from people. At the end of it all, a dentist is a business and they are there to make money. They are great for saving our teeth removing our pain, but I also feel they think we as patients are money making machines.

  • angela doyle

    I went for my 1st visit to my new dentists last week and paid the Band 1 price for an examination, 2 xrays and temp filling….I went back today to decide if I needed the tooth out or filling and a scrape and polish got fleeced of the full Band 2 charge.
    I’m sure in fact I know I only had to pay the balance when I went to my last dentists and feeling like I’ve been ripped off of nearly £20!!!

  • Debbie Pike

    The Dentist that I joined in March told me I couldn’t use the NHS band pricing until I had all the work done that I needed. I had to have root canal, a root extracted and three fillings. So far it has cost me much more than I can afford. I wanted a crown on a tooth, that would be 500 if I don’t want to have a big horrible looking silver chunk of metal and look like Jaws ( James Bond Jaws… ) Once I pay for all this treatment I can then pay the NHS to cover me for work that needs doing. of course it will all have been done and paid for by then. ;)

    Joke is, the dentist has a huge billboard outside stating NHS patients are welcome.

    NHS banding doesn’t really work does it.

  • Aga

    I went to dentist for free NHS treatment as I had a baby 3 moths ago. I had 2 teeth to cure, it took the dentist 6 visits. In the end she charged me £250 without informing me about any charges before treatment not saying giving any options to choose. I feel ripped of. Is there anything I can do with it?? Can anyone help me please.

    • Michael Maxwell

      You are covered free of charge up to 12 months after giving birth for NHS dentistry. I would suggest talking to your dentist initially as it would seem they were unaware of your entitlement. If you’re not satisfied with the resolution you can start a process, this may help

  • Michael Maxwell

    I am having a white crown fitted under band 3, so £233.70, but I also need a larger filling redoing next to the crown on a back tooth. This will look unsightly in my opinion, can a white filling be done under the same charge band or will I have to pay more? I also have a sensitive white filling on a no 5 tooth, can this be covered under band 3 too? If not, any idea of cost?