Know how Baby Websites Toothpick

Our Guide To 5 Top UK Parenting Websites Right Now

The web provides us with a range of resources at our fingertips and it can be a particularly useful tool for parents. There are some fantastic online parenting websites that offer a great sense of community and feature plenty of information, advice and support – from baby food recipes to tips on tackling the terrible… Read More

Know how Autism Toothpick

Taking An Autistic Child To The Dentist [Infographic]

As part of long-term commitment to education around children and dental health, we take a special look at what a dentist visit can be like for a child with special needs. Teaming up with Anna Kennedy OBE, one of the UK’s most prolific campaigner for children with autism (and Tesco Mum of the Year 2013),… Read More

Know how Children's Teeth Toothpick

Children’s Teeth – From Pregnancy to Teenage Years [Infographic]

This month’s infographic summarises our advice on caring for your children’s teeth. Prepared in partnership with leading dentists, specialised in treating children, we hope it will give you all a fresh view on what, and what not, to do. Here is some taster information we found especially interesting: Your baby’s oral health is dependent on… Read More

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More Dental Games and Apps That Make Children Want To Brush

More than a quarter of British five-year-olds suffer from tooth decay, according to a study published by Public Health England last year. These aren’t isolated cases either, with these children typically having three or four decayed teeth. Although the problem is complex and involves contributing factors such as the parents’ dental health and diet, as… Read More

Know how Sugar Toothpick

Packed Lunches – How Much Sugar Are You Giving Your Child?

You carefully prepare your kid’s lunch box, but do you really know what you’re sending them to school with? A study by consumer watchdog by the name of Which? found that a typical British school lunch contains around 60 grams of sugar. That equates to around 12 teaspoons of the stuff, which makes the meal… Read More

Know how Teething child

Help! My Child is Teething!

It’s true, there’s no manual that comes with a baby; so raising them is up to you. Fortunately, however, there is available information to help when a baby goes through certain stages. A particularly difficult case, especially for first time parents, is when your child is teething. How Do I Know If My Child Is… Read More

Know how Good Dentist for Children

How To Find a Good Dentist for Children

Introducing the idea of going to the dentist to your children while they’re young means they are less likely to be afraid to go when they get older. Some dentists even recommend parents to bring young children along to their own dentists visits, to help them get accustomed to the experience. The British Dental Association recommends… Read More

Know how baby dummy damage teeth

Baby teeth and dummies – what’s the harm?

Dummies might have a calming effect on your baby, but they can also do bad things to young teeth. Before you decide whether to give your young child a dummy, let’s consider some of the research around baby teeth and dummies, and look at potential problems (and costs) that you and your child could face… Read More