Know how 5 Unexpected Reasons People Are Afraid of The Dentist

5 Unexpected Reasons People are Afraid of the Dentist

Many people fear going to the dentist. Just in 2013, 12% of the population reported having some kind of general anxiety about going to the dentist, according to this UK study. There are many reasons that people panic at the thought of sitting in a dentist’s chair, though oftentimes it’s not exactly what you would think. Here… Read More

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Fear Of The Dentist – How To Overcome Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety can be experienced in varying degrees of severity, from a feeling of uneasiness at having to visit a dentist to a full-blown, highly prohibitive phobia. Whilst it’s common for people to be a little wary of dental work (with images of drills and other painful looking implements imbedded in our cultural consciousness) it… Read More

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What To Expect When Getting A Root Canal

Some people freeze with fear when they hear that they need to book a dentist appointment for a root canal. But in reality there is no need to worry about the treatment; in fact you will be much better off if you book a dentist appointment quickly than if you leave the problem to develop…. Read More