Know how Our Guide to Pregnancy and Oral Health

Our Quick Guide To Pregnancy and Oral Health

All pregnant women know it is very important to keep regular doctor visits to make sure their baby is healthy and developing well. But seeing a medical doctor isn’t enough; it’s important to visit the dentist for an examination early in your pregnancy, and to keep your regular scale and polish visits throughout. Here’s our… Read More

Know how How To Look After Your Child's Teeth - An Introduction By Toothpick

How To Look After Your Child’s Teeth – An Introduction

Dear readers – we are embarking on a month long campaign on the blog, that will see you educated and inspired when it comes to looking after your child’s teeth. Today’s post is an introduction to dental hygiene for children, and it will be followed by more specific posts on related topics. Comments, requests or… Read More

Know how 4 Recipes With Dental Friendly Foods To Start The Week

4 Recipes With Dental Friendly Foods To Start The Week

Big weekend? Quite often, our weekend dietary habits take a toll on both our bodies and our teeth. We’ve picked out four key recipes with dental friendly foods to give you a boost this week. While many of these ingredients actively promote dental health, the remainder are closely chosen to avoid ingredients that might harm… Read More

Know how funny woman smiling and show teeth through a magnifying glass ov

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry treatments are advertised more and more frequently. But what do these treatments entail, and how do they differ from regular dentist treatments? We are dedicating the month of February to cosmetic dentistry and dating (Valentine’s is only around the corner!) and this post explains the basic information you need to understand the role… Read More

Know how Seemingly Healthy Foods That Are Not So Great For Your Teeth - Toothpick

Seemingly Healthy Foods That Are Not So Great For Your Teeth

People often end up using the holidays as an excuse to eat poorly. But, to be fair, who can blame you? You’ll find cookies and candy just about anywhere you go, you drink wine and sugary drinks to relax and celebrate – you have endless options of ways to make your diet worse. January sees… Read More

Know how Sensitive Teeth Toothpick

Could Your Sensitive Teeth Be Trying To Tell You Something?

Many people suffer from toothache caused by sensitivity, but for many this could be a warning sign of something more serious. If you experience sharp and sudden pain when eating certain foods or exposing your teeth to extreme changes in temperature then you almost certainly have a sensitivity problem.  This pain is caused when the… Read More