Fun & Games What's Behind These Actors' Smiles?

What’s Behind These Actors’ Smiles?

The red carpet runways are filled with glamorous dresses, elaborate tuxedos, jewels, and of course, blindingly white smiles. If you ever see older pictures of some of your favourite celebs, you will realize that some of their smiles have come a long way from years back. In fact, most celebrities have some form of dental… Read More

Know how Have You Used Illegal Teeth Whitening?

Have You Used Illegal Teeth Whitening?

Forget about visiting a kiosk or beautician to get a pearly white smile. Legislation introduced on 31 October, 2012, has seen teeth whitening restricted to qualified dentists. So what’s changed, and what does it mean for the people of the UK? Petitions like this one from the UK Government would suggest that illegal teeth whitening… Read More

Fun & Games The Psychology of The Human Smile - 4 Surprising Facts - Toothpick

4 Surprising Facts About The Human Smile

You can do so much with your smile. You can use it to show your emotions, cheer up a friend, or even hide how you’re feeling. And there’s a science to how it all works. Do you want to learn how your smile works in connectivity with your brain? Continue reading to discover four surprising… Read More

Know how funny woman smiling and show teeth through a magnifying glass ov

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry treatments are advertised more and more frequently. But what do these treatments entail, and how do they differ from regular dentist treatments? We are dedicating the month of February to cosmetic dentistry and dating (Valentine’s is only around the corner!) and this post explains the basic information you need to understand the role… Read More

Fun & Games Do people with good teeth have more sex? Toothpick - the Mouthful Blog

Do People With Good Teeth Have More Sex?

There are lots of purported benefits of having healthy teeth, but one of the most intriguing is the suggestion that people with good teeth have more sex. Is there any truth to it? Check out these studies and see what you think. Straight Teeth Make a Stellar Impression If you’re looking for a first date… Read More

Know how bigstock_Closeup_Of_An_Older_Woman_With_6361758

Anti-Ageing Treatments – The Role of Dentistry

Appearance concerns may seem shallow and vain but when it comes to dentistry and the teeth, anti-aging steps can really make quite a difference. If you have been following a good oral hygiene regime all your life then there is a good chance that your teeth and gums are in pretty good shape.