Know how Teeth Whitening in Bella Magazine

Teeth Whitening: Our Co-founder Busts Common Myths in Bella Magazine

Have you ever wondered how to best keep your teeth pearly white? There is a lot of misinformation out there, and with the rise of home DIY kits on the market, it’s more important than ever to get educated about what works, what’s harmful, and where you should go.

Our co-founder talked to Bella Magazine about this very topic, with the following key facts:

  • The cheapest and easiest way to keep your teeth white is to brush twice daily, avoid snacking and see a hygienist every three months
  • Toothpastes that boast enzymes keep stains from sticking to your teeth, good news if you drink a lot of coffee and red wine
  • For more serious staining, a professional home whitening kit, fitted by your dentist should cost around £150-£200
  • Cheaper kits bought online carry substantial risk, some contain illegal chemicals and some strip away your enamel forever, leaving your teeth permanently brown. They can also permanently damage your teeth and gums in other way, and if swallowed can be life-threatening
  • It’s illegal for anyone outside the dental profession to perform laser teeth whitening, including your local hair salon or beautician
  • For peace of mind, consult your dentist before making any teeth whitening decisions

The full article is below.

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Stay safe!

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  • mike

    Your article has good points but in my opinion before doing anything with your teeth specially when you want to whiten them it is better to make an appointment with a professional dentist and then a decision should be made. As they say prevention is better than cure!

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