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Toothpick In Numbers 2014 – Our Booking Data Revealed

As we venture boldly into 2015, we’ve taken a moment to reflect on the progress made in 2014. The results were so captivating we decided to put them in an infographic and share them with you.

In short, we have truly seen the evidence that the UK population is increasingly moving online to book their healthcare appointments, with 3.5 million searches for dentists on Toothpick in 2014.

The fastest time from booking to seeing a dentist was 23 minutes – a great example that shows how we have been able to fulfil our ambition of making it easier than ever to see a dentist when you need one. 56 per cent of bookings were made in evenings and weekends – a powerful reminder of the importance for today’s local health providers to have an online presence and booking option around the clock.

There were more interesting pieces of insight than could not fit on this infographic. For example, we saw that your peak booking time for appointments is Monday and Tuesday mornings, when we receive a booking every 30 seconds. Another data point that has seen dramatic change over the year is mobile access – now up to 60 per cent of our visitors access Toothpick using a mobile device.

Our ambition is for 2015 to be a real groundbreaker. With a range of new features and benefits launching, such as the Toothpick VIP Programme offering 20 per cent off all private dental care, we are determined to bring great quality yet affordable dental care to the entire UK population through one platform. 

Happy 2015!

To receive more Toothpick data or get quotes from our founders, please contact press@toothpick.com. If you are a dentist and you want to sign up to Toothpick, please contact sales@toothpick.com. For any other enquiry, please contact info@toothpick.com.


Toothpick In Numbers 2014 [Infographic]