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Toothpick Expands to the US – And Announces UK Discount Plan

Dear Friends,

Today is an exciting day for Toothpick. It’s the day we officially announce a new major international partnership that will delight users and dentists alike, and also tell you about our upcoming launch of Toothpick US. It’s been in the works for a long time and we’re finally able to break the news.

Careington is one of the largest dental discount providers in the US, and also operate the affiliate Munroe Sutton in the UK. On both sides of the pond, Careington provides the public with an option to avoid the ever-rising cost of health care, working alongside over 100,000 dentists across the US and the UK. For a low annual fee, patients can sign up to receive pre-negotiated discounts at participating dentists, for themselves and their whole family. They allow those without dental insurance to access high quality dental care at a discount – and also those with insurance to bring the costs down.

Their mission resonated with ours, which has always been to increase access to quality care in the UK and thereby increasing the numbers of people who take care of their teeth. Why? Because recent figures show that almost half the population don’t see a dentist regularly. Tooth decay is the primary reason children end up in A and E in 2015, and there are increasing scientific links between dental health and overall health.  

How does this affect you as a patient? 

The partnership with Careington and Munroe Sutton starts with Toothpick launching the ‘Toothpick VIP’ card in the UK later this year. For a low annual fee, customers are enrolled onto the Toothpick VIP member programme, which provides an immediate 20% discount off private dental treatment at participating practices across the UK. Members can also very cost effectively include family members into the plan. More information on our temporary landing page:


The discount plan is not insurance.  It’s a money-saving option that provides members with unlimited use of the discount, which is applicable to pre-existing conditions in addition to emergency dental treatment. Unlike conventional dental insurance plans, the Toothpick VIP programme provides customers with complete access to the service from the moment of joining:

Dental Discount

The discount plan brings private dentistry one step closer to the mainstream UK public, in effect reducing the gap between NHS and Private care. This comes at a time when we know NHS dental care is becoming more and more scarce, as dentists struggle to make their NHS allocations meet the need of their local community. Through the Toothpick VIP platform powered by Munroe Sutton we will be rolling out thousands of offers to our users in the coming months, allowing them access to our top quality private dentists across the country. 

Later this year, we will launch Toothpick US in partnership with Careington, initially offering the US public the ability to make use of the great discount plans on offer, while enjoying the Toothpick user experience we know users love.

What does this mean for Toothpick as a business?

We are very pleased to make the first US partnership announcement. This expansion was a natural fit for the business as we look to bring US patients and suppliers similar value as we have achieved in the UK. Just last week, co-founder Jozef was in Washington as part of a small group of UK health businesses invited to attend the NHS/UKTI Health Datapalooza event, seeking to strengthen ties between the two countries.

Toothpick is now the UK’s leading online booking platform for dentist appointments. Since our launch in 2013, we have facilitated dental care services to the value of around £25 million, with over 1 million bookings going through our technology. Partnering with one of the largest dental discount providers in the US of course offers us a unique spring board into a large new market, but equally gives us the opportunity to aid Careington in extending their reach to a new customer base.

We share the same mission to make dentistry more accessible and consumer friendly, visualising key information on prices and reviews, as well as payment and financing options, and ultimately helping users easily and quickly transact online. For further information on the Toothpick VIP programme and the partnership, please email press@toothpick.com.

What does this mean if you’re a dentist?

Careington International Corporation and Munroe Sutton LLP together have more than 35 years of experience designing, organising and managing dental plans that improve the affordability and accessibility of quality dental treatment and care. As a dental plan created by dentists, for dentists, Munroe Sutton is committed to providing dentists with fair compensation for their services – while supporting the dentist-patient relationship. 

For more information on working with Munroe Sutton to offer dental discounts, please contact 0808 234 3558 or email dentist@munroesutton.co.uk.

For more information on working with Toothpick to grow your business, please contact us on 0207 193 7043 or email sales@toothpick.com.