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What is Toothpick?

So you’ve read some great content on the blog, and maybe even checked out Toothpick.com. But what is Toothpick? Here’s an introduction to a company we’re very proud of.

Toothpick is the UK’s first, and leading, nationwide online dental appointment booking service. We allow users to find, compare and book local dentists at the touch of a button.

In the same way you book a restaurant, hair cut or weekend getaway online, you can now book an NHS or private dental appointment by browsing dentists in your location, readings ratings and reviews and comparing prices. We also show you integrated map directions using Google Maps.

Toothpick is also the online truly LIVE booking engine – by close integration with the leading software provider for dentist practices in the UK, the calendars you see are updated every minute with information from the dentist practices. This means dentists can quickly fill open appointment slots, and you can be sure that the available appointments you see will be booked for you instantly.

Founded in 2011, Toothpick was established with the aim of disrupting the dentistry marketplace in the UK, by bringing the dentist-patient relationship online. It was initially trialled in London during 2012 and successfully launched across the country in 2013. Since launch, over 500,000 people have used the site to help them find a dental practitioner, and 500 dentists join the platform every month.

Reflecting the connected yet busy world we live in, over 50% of appointments are booked outside of practice hours, and almost 60% of visits come through mobile devices. These statistics highlight the unique value the platform holds for our community, who expect the dental industry to keep up to date with new technologies and booking best practice.

The company was founded by Dr. Sandeep Senghera BDS and Jozef Wallis. Dr. Senghera enjoyed success as the founder and practising dentist in a central London dental clinic, but was intrigued by the potential of software and media technology for the dental industry. He teamed up with Mr. Wallis, a 15-year veteran of the web and media industries in the United States and Europe. He is the founder of Rock.IT and SeaWest New Media Ltd. and served as the managing director UK of WeatherBug. Senghera and Wallis looked to create a site, which would improve and change the experience of dentistry for patients, while helping dental practices connect with new patients simply and affordably.

Toothpick enjoys the support of a network of key organisations and angel investors. They include AdJug cofounders Satish Jayakumar and Michael Stephanblome, and entrepreneurs Pradeep Meenon and Paul Edwards. Toothpick has also received the backing of Passion Capital, 1 Seed, Launcha and EC1 Capital. Full details, and a press pack, can be found in About Us on Toothpick.com. 

To contact us, use info@toothpick.com or press@toothpick.com