Fun & Games What's Behind These Actors' Smiles?

What’s Behind These Actors’ Smiles?

The red carpet runways are filled with glamorous dresses, elaborate tuxedos, jewels, and of course, blindingly white smiles. If you ever see older pictures of some of your favourite celebs, you will realize that some of their smiles have come a long way from years back. In fact, most celebrities have some form of dental alterations, even if it is just to whiten their teeth. Here are some of the most notable actors’ smiles, and the real scoop on whether their smiles are truly their own. 

Tom Cruise 

What's Behind These Actors' Smiles?

Tom Cruise’s grin is recognized around the developed world, cocky with the slightest hint of mischievousness. Since Cruise (as do most celebrities) don’t exactly flaunt the fact that it takes piles of money to look the way they do, all that is known about Cruise’s dental work is based on rumors.

According to some sources, Cruise used the product Invisalign to get his teeth straight. The process takes time, sometimes years, but can improve the alignment of teeth when childhood braces do not resolve the problem. Cruise is also rumoured to have his teeth regularly whitened.

Bradley Cooper 

What's Behind These Actors' Smiles?

Popular American actor Bradley Cooper has appeared in a variety of television and movie roles, including Jack & Bobby, Wedding Crashers, Yes Man, and He’s Just Not That Into You. Of all his credits, his smile is one of the most notable. Straight, white teeth dominate his handsome face. In fact, he was voted Sexiest Man Alive by People magazine.

Cooper is rumoured to undergo one of the popular teeth whitening processes available at dentist practices such as Zoom! or Rembrandt. These processes involve the dentist applying a protective gel to the gums and soft tissue of the mouth, followed by a bleaching agent. A light is used to activate the bleaching agent. These treatments take 30 minutes to one hour, and can lighten the teeth up to ten shades. Multiple treatments are sometimes necessary, and the process must be repeated over time as the shine dulls.

Zac Efron 

 What's Behind These Actors' Smiles?

American actor and vocal artist Zac Efron got his start on Disney shows. When he started out, he sported a prominent gap between his two front teeth. Efron opted to correct this problem with veneers, possibly porcelain ones. Now he has one of the brightest, most stunning smiles on the red carpet. Several similar processes that achieve the same result as Efron’s include bonding and braces or invisible braces (such as Invisalign). Efron also gets his teeth whitened in a process similar to that used by Tom Cruise and most other notable celebrities.

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